Curriculum Overview

Our school values (Striving for Excellence, Creating Opportunities and Nurturing One Another) and motto (Better Never Stops) run through all aspects of our curriculum. We aim to enrich children’s lives to ensure that they are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they may face in later life. 

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England with a clear progression of skills and knowledge outlined for each curriculum subject. Subjects are grouped together and led by our experienced, passionate and experienced staff in curriculum teams as outlined below:

  • Maths
  • English – Reading (inc. Phonics) and Writing (inc. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)
  • Science and Technology – Science, Design Technology and Computing
  • Humanities – Geography, History, RE and Spanish
  • The Arts – Music and Art
  • Healthy Lives – PSHE/RSE and PE

Curriculum Teams meet regularly to review the content and quality of their curriculum areas as well providing training for staff and arranging whole-school activities and events as appropriate. Each curriculum team also has a dedicated school governor assigned to support and challenge the work in this area.


Curriculum drivers and key concepts

Throughout school, we will exploit every opportunity for children to experience the following curriculum drivers in order to help them in becoming successful, well-rounded members of our community:

  • developing Reading skills
  • leading healthy lifestyles including mental well-being
  • acquiring new vocabulary
  • using technology
  • practising speaking and listening skills
  • widening experiences
  • learning about the world around them
  • thinking about the future
  • fostering positive attitudes to learning
  • engaging with the community and local area.

Furthermore, we aim for children to have developed a strong understanding of the following generic key concepts (detailed in the image below) which will be re-visited continuously throughout a range of subjects. These concepts also include the fundamental British Values as shown in bold in the ‘Being Human’ concept.

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The Arts

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