At Clifton Green, we teach Maths Mastery which offers small steps of learning so all children can experience success. Maths Mastery offers reasoning opportunities throughout which encourages children to explore and develop their understanding of number.

Maths teaching and learning at Clifton Green:

  • uses a wide range of representations, both in lessons and in the environment, including part-whole models, tens frames, bar models, base ten, place value counters etc.
  • provides access to manipulatives in all classrooms to help children to ‘see’ the Maths, including base ten, place value counters, tens frames, cuisenaire rods etc.
  • includes daily Mental Maths sessions (Reception to Year 3 have ‘Mastering Number’ sessions four times a week for 10 minutes and Year 4 to Year 6 have times tables sessions four times a week for 10 minutes).
  • ensures children understand the four operations of Maths using ‘Fluent in Five’ morning work three times a week.
  • models correct number formation through resources and practice in classrooms.
  • provides sentence stems, modelled examples of Maths strategies and key vocabulary on Maths working walls in all classrooms.

In Years 1-6, staff use the ‘Curriculum Prioritisation Curriculum Maps‘ from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) to guide their teaching over the school year:

How you can help support Maths at home

The following links could be used to supporting learning in Maths at home in order to develop children’s skills further or to practice key areas of the curriculum:

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