Teaching and learning at Clifton Green is built upon a range of principles that enable teachers to foster positive attitudes to learning and build on pupil’s individual starting points across the curriculum.

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction and the teaching WalkThrus are the underpinning evidence-based frameworks for informing our practice. By using these principles, successful teaching enables new material to move into learners’ long-term memory, linked to their existing knowledge.

Adaptive teaching is another approach used by teachers to ensure all learners have the opportunity to meet expectations. The teacher plans for the whole class to achieve the same goal, linked to curriculum age-related expectations, (with exception for some children who may be working below age-related expectations) and utilises scaffolding opportunities to support children in achieving the outcome. 

Aphoto of a science3 lesson.
Pupils doing a science experiment.
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Pupil learning in the classroom.

Assessment outcomes

End of Key Stage 2 Outcomes 2022/2023 The following percentage of Year 6 [...]
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Pupils playing in the playground.
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