At Clifton Green we believe that writing is a key skill for life both inside and out of school and that is why it features across all the subjects taught across our school. We strive to provide children with key transferable writing skills to build on year-on-year. Teaching children to write for a range of purposes and audiences is very exciting; we provide children with a range of engaging ‘hooks’ and first hand experiences to excite and capture their imagination.

Our writing curriculum encourages creativity and engages children in order to motivate and build stamina for independent writing. The knowledge, skills and literary/grammar devices for writing are explicitly taught and modelled through carefully sequenced lessons to ensure learners can apply these skills independently.

Writing is taught explicitly through daily English lessons. Writing and reading are closely linked and high-quality texts are the driver of our English curriculum and root of our writing inspiration.

Writing progression documents:

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Our school uses the Letter-join handwriting scheme and our pupils can log in to the letter-join website at home on ipads, tablets and computers. There you will find the same easy to use handwriting resources that we use at school.

Accessing Letter-join at home

Please follow the instructions and useful help documents below to access Letter-join from home:

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